Spanish Noun Sight Words Graphing


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Spanish Noun Sight Words Graphing

Each worksheet contains 4 Spanish sight words. The worksheets can be used to practice and review 100 noun sight words.
Each worksheet contains 14 words in a box on the left, the students need to circle in the word and color in a box on the graph on the right. After all the words have been circled and graphed the students must then add how many times the word appears and write it on the bottom.

This resource CONTAINS 30 pages.

The Spanish language has no need for “sight words” because Spanish phonics is very specific and has easy rules to follow. However, the English language is largely made up of “sight words”. After teaching Spanish for two years in a small elementary school where students (from Pre-K to 1st Grade) learned the first half the day in English and the second half of the day in Spanish, I have created these Spanish sight word resources for those bilingual classrooms that need to teach their students “English sight words” in Spanish.

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——————————— SIGHT WORDS LIST———————————

NOUNS (100 words)
el abrigo, el agua, el anillo, el árbol, la ardilla, el barco, el bebé, la bola, el caballo, la cabeza, la caja, la calle, la cama, el camino, la campana, la canción, el carro, la casa, los cascabeles, el cerdo, el césped, la chica, el chico, la cima, la colina, el conejo, la cosa, el cumpleaños, el día, el dinero, la escuela, la espalda, la fiesta, la flor, la foto, el fuego, la gallina, el gato, el gatito, la granja, el granjero, la hermana, el hermano, el hogar, el hombre, los hombres, la hora, el huevo, el jardín, el juego, los juguetes, la leche, la lluvia, la madera, la madre, la mamá, el maíz, la mano, la manzana, la mañana, la mesa, la muñeca, la Navidad, el nido, la nieve, la niña, el niño, los niños, la noche, el nombre, el ojo, el oso, la oveja, el padre, el papá, el pájaro, el palo, el pan, Papá Noel, el papel, el pastel, el pato, la pelota, el perro, el petirrojo, el pez, la pierna, los pies, el piso, la puerta, el reloj, la semilla, la silla, el sol, el suelo, la tierra, la vaca, el viento, la ventana, el zapato

Common Core Standard:
K.MD.3. – Classify objects into given categories; count the numbers of objects in each category and sort the categories by count.
K.CC.6. – Identify whether the number of objects in one group is greater than, less than, or equal to the number of objects in another group, e.g., by using matching and counting strategies.
RF.K.3c – Read common high-frequency words by sight.

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